Applications of UHMWPE Fiber

Applications of UHMWPE Fiber
One typical application of the PE fiber is found in quality rope netting. The PE rope is normally as strong as the steel wire rope of the same diameter. However, its weight is only one tenth of the steel one. For this reason, our PE fibers are widely applied in the recovery system of the Shenzhou series spacecraft. Owing to its ultra-high mechanical strength, the PE fiber is also used to make fishing nets for protection from ferocious fish. Additionally, the PE fiber is ideal for use in anti-cut gloves, thanks to its high flexibility, high comfort, anti-corrosion and anti-cut properties. Now, let’s check the anti-cutting performance of the polyethylene fiber.

A wide variety of ropes made of UHMWPE fiber

    The UHMWPE fiber rope possesses the following distinguished properties:
    1. Light weight:
    Weight is only one eighth of steel cable on equal broken tenacity.
    2. High tenacity:
    Broken tenacity is the same as that of steel rope on equal diameter.
    3. Low elongation:
    Broken elongation is similar with that of steel rope.
    4. Small diameter:
    Diameter is 55%-60% that of polyamide and polyster on equal broken tenacity.
    5. Low density: only 0.97 g/cm3
    The ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fiber can float on the water.
    6. Superb durability, excellent relaxation and bending fatigue performance, good resistance to aging and chemical corrosion
    UHMWPE fibers are widely used in industries such as marine, aerospace, sports and leisure, etc.

UHMWPE fiber yacht rope

    The UHMWPE fiber rope is typically used in the sports and leisure industries. It can effectively control any boat, thanks to its low elongation, light weight and unrivalled tenacity. It allows sailors to precisely control the sailing process while simultaneously ensuring an exceptionally high load bearing capacity.

UHMWPE fiber fishing net

    Fishing nets made of UHMWPE fiber have following benefits:
    1. Weight is only a half that of the nylon wire on equal broken tenacity. The UHMWPE fiber is easier to install and safer to operate.
    2. The fishing net is well protected from earless seals, sea turtles and black carp. Fishers can benefit a lot from this product.
    3. Fishing nets made of UHMWPE fiber use only 40% of antifoulants, which results in cost reduction and environmental protection.
    4. Decreased diameter and fewer surface contaminants:
    Cleaning is done once every 12 months. The nylon net is cleaned once every 7 months. The use of large mesh openings allows for cleaner and oxygen-enriched water and much healthier fish.
    5. Low elongation:
    The fishing net can maintain its shape.
    6. Strong abrasion resistance and long service life:
    The UHMWPE fiber fishing net may be used for 10 years. It lasts twice as long as the traditional nylon net.

UHMWPE fiber fishing line

    The UHMWPE fiber fishing line has following advantages:
    1. Low elongation: All fishers can respond to fishing lines accurately and timely.
    2. Extremely small diameter makes this product more secretive in the water.
    3. Exceptional tenacity and sensitivity
    4. Impervious to abrasion, sunlight and brine

Anti-cut gloves made of UHMWPE fiber

    Benefits at a Glance
    1. Superior protection and great comfort
    2. Effectively protect police officers in law enforcement from incised wound.
    3. Trusted by law enforcement officers and security guards
    4. The UHMWPE cut-resistant gloves for civil use are lighter, thinner and more tactile than conventional products.
    5. They are comfortable, durable, wear-resistant and highly adaptable in rigorous conditions.
    6. Widely applied in the fields of automotive glass, industrial cutting, etc.
    7. Compliant with the European EN388 Class 3 and Class 5 standards.

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