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BJTYZ, specializes in the research, development and production of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibers and relevant composite materials. We have been producing and perfecting these products since 1999 and in that time we have gained invaluable experience and expertise. At BJTYZ we have implemented four main philosophies and three basic strategies for the development of our company.

The first is innovation strategy. We will increase investment in world-leading innovation and make optimal use of resources to provide customers with a greater range of high-quality products. The second one is an internationalization strategy. Currently, BJTYZ products have earned the confidence of clients in the global marketplace. Our exports account for nearly 70% of total revenue. These products have been delivered to more than 80 countries and regions. We have established a wide collection of professionals and versatile talents who are very knowledgeable in technology, management and marketing. We implement a well-rounded development platform for employees in order to develop their skills and competencies. At BJTYZ we follow the scientific method of development which calls for coordinated and sustainable practices and procedures. Thank you for watching!

BJTYZ Profile
More than 7,000 square meters of production area
Company lobby

    Founded in 1999, BJTYZ has a registered capital of 80 million RMB and covers an area of 83,020m2. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant spanning more than 7,000m2, we have been specialized in the production of UHMWPE fiber and composite materials for quite a long time.

Conducting a management meeting

    Our management team is made up of people who are experts in their respective disciplines. The team members are very knowledgeable of high-performance fiber and have rich experience in the management of large companies. This ensures the company develops rapidly, sustainably and stably.

Technician is developing fiber structure

    Innovation is a key to our sustainable development. Due to this, we have built the Beijing municipal technology research center for development of fiber and composite materials.

Dedicated international sales team

    Our sales team is composed of 14 experienced salespersons each of whom is very knowledgeable of products and international trade processes. Backed by this professional team, we have exported quality products to 85 countries across Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, etc. In 2015 we won the bid for Turkish police body armor project. To date, we are the sole supplier in China who has the right to serve all the navy, army and armed police forces.

A passionate and specialized after-sales team
A comprehensive collection of certificates and patents

    The collection includes:
    ISO9001 quality supervision and management system certification in 2007,
    Weaponry quality management system certification in 2013,
    Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 (textile related) certification in 2015,
    Membership of the American Rope Association, European Rope Association and International Gloves Association,
    19 national invention patents,
    One patent cooperation treaty (PCT) application,
    15 utility model patents,
    One design patent,
    And 15 patents that we have applied for worldwide by 2015.

High-capacity production line

    The company has developed four generations of UHMWPE fiber manufacturing techniques and facilities since we established the first innovative line in 2001.
    Currently, our total production capacities include:
    2000 tons/year fiber,
    650 tons/year ballistic UD fabric,
    40 tons/year bulletproof, stab-resistant composite material,
    200,000 sets/year body armor,
    60,000 pieces/year ballistic helmet,
    350,000 pieces/year pure PE plates and ceramic composite plates

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Beijing Tongyizhong New Material Technology Corporation

Add.: No.17, Jingsheng South 2nd Street, Majuqiao Town, Tongzhou District,Beijing, China
Tel.: +86-10-56710301
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