At BJTYZ we know that product quality is crucial to the success of our business! Now let’s take a tour around our well-established quality control lab to gain an in-depth knowledge of our inspection and testing procedures. Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibers are made using two important raw materials: powder and solvent. The powder must be strictly tested before being allowed to enter the manufacturing process. What you see here is our powder solubility test. The solvent is being tested to determine if its refractive index and transparency meet the industry related standard. Next, let’s take a look at our comprehensive range of other tests.

To assure our customers of highly stable production, we must continually monitor these tests. Here the fiber viscosity is being tested under strict supervision of our professionals. This will ensure a consistent stability when using our fibers. The flash point of the cleaning agent that is continuously recycled is being tested to ensure it is safe for use. In addition, we run our final products through a comprehensive range of tests for the purpose of quality control. The main testing points are linear density, breaking strength, modulus, and so forth. We promise our customers the finest possible products.

Refractometer for raw material testing

    This instrument is ideal for testing the refraction coefficient of white oil, extracting agent and other liquids. It can be used in the production, research and development of UHMWPE fiber and composite materials.

Rotational viscometer and open cup flash point tester for semi-finished product testing
Fiber control center for automated monitoring of technical parameters

    Testing of the semi-finished products involves numerous important points. We usually measure the solvent’s viscosity, the gel-spun fiber’s modular weight and the content of white oil, and then carry out the on-site monitoring and record procedures, thus ensuring the manufacturing process can strictly conform to design requirements. This also helps us improve the product quality and produce qualified ballistic products.

The rotational viscometer is working

    The rotational viscometer is commonly used to test the viscosity of polymer solutions. It is ideal for use in the production, research and development process.

Open cup flash point tester for sustained combustion tests

    This instrument can test the flash point of white oil, extracting agent and other raw materials which have been recycled or entered our factory. With this test machine, we can confirm whether these raw materials meet production requirements.

The universal testing machine is working

    The universal testing machine is intended to determine the mechanical properties of UHMWPE fiber, such as strength, modulus and break elongation, etc. It is also used to check whether the mechanical property of each fiber caters to the customer’s needs.

A Testing of ballistic products against bullet attack

    Our extensive range of finished composite products includes ballistic fabrics, ballistic helmets, ballistic plates and ballistic shields, etc. For the purpose of quality control, we undertake the testing of surface density, fabric width/length/thickness, weight, appearance and real bullets, thus ensuring the performance of finished products is fully compliant with the international ballistic resistance test standard.

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