The UHMWPE fiber stands for ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fiber. Our extensive range of UHMWPE fibers can be sorted into 5 main series and over 40 different varieties. Typical applications of this product are found in body armor, anti-cut gloves, rope nets, fishing nets, clothing and industrial fabrics. Our robust R&D and manufacturing capabilities have enabled us not only to formulate the UHMWPE fiber industry standard but also to develop a new generation of colored fibers. Next, I will show you a diverse range of the applications of PE fibers.

The in-house produced UHMWPE fiber comes in various specifications.
Our recently-developed colored UHMWPE fiber

    Aside from carbon fiber and aramid fiber, this product is considered a new generation of high performance fiber. It has the best mechanical properties in the global marketplace today.

  • Prominent Features
    1. High specific strength and specific modulus
    Specific strength is 15 times that of high-quality steel wire. It is approximately 10 times that of common chemical fiber.
    2. Low density fiber: 0.97 g/cm3
    The fiber can float on the water.
    3. Outstanding anti-shock and anti-cut properties due to low breaking elongation, high power, ultra-strong energy absorption capacity
    4. Effective UV protection, high specific energy absorption, low dielectric constant and high electromagnetic wave transmittance
    5. Long lifespan and strong resistance to abrasion and chemical corrosion
    The product is available in more than 30 specifications from 20Denier to 4800Denier. It can be sorted into white fiber, colored fiber, anti-static fiber, Oil-impregnated fiber, medical fiber, etc. BJTYZ is one of the suppliers who can offer the most complete range of products in this industry.

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