Unidirectional Fabric for Hard Ballistic Products

Unidirectional Fabric for Soft Ballistic Vests
The bullet-resistant UD fabric has also found a wide application in hard armor plates, ballistic helmets, ballistic shields and ballistic plates. Our extensive range of ballistic products has been certified to both American and European standards. They have been delivered to both police departments and military departments across a wide range of countries.

A varied collection of hard ballistic products
Extraordinary anti-fragment protection

    Product Details
    1. Mainly used in hard armor plates, ballistic helmets, ballistic shields and ballistic plates, etc.
    2. Its light weight offers great protection from multi-bullet shooting and oblique shooting.
    3. Excellent resistance to humidity, strong acid and alkali
    4. Unique anti-aging UV protection
    5. Superb anti-fragment performance for greatly reduced sunken deformation

The BJTYZ range of PE ballistic plate

    The BJTYZ range of ballistic plate is made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber. It is currently one of the most commonly used protective devices for armies and law enforcement officers worldwide. Our in-house produced PE ballistic plate is fully compliant with GA141-2010, NIJ 0101.06 and other standards. It can be customized if needed.

High-performance ceramic composite plate

    The TYZ ZF series ceramic composite plate is hot-formed by silicon carbide, alumina ceramic and our in-house developed UHMWPE ballistic plate with specially formulated adhesive.
    This range of product is mainly used to protect against high-speed bullets. Due to its strong resistance to water, moisture, aging and impact, it can maintain stable performance even under rigorous conditions.

Our in-house produced nonmetal ballistic helmet

    Shown here is the TYZ ZF series nonmetallic ballistic helmet. It is made from our in-house developed UHMWPE fiber ballistic UD fabric by using special molds.

    Notable Features
    1. Lightweight and comfortable
    2. Excellent resistance to impact, water, moisture, heat and UV light
    3. Low specific weight allows this helmet to float on the water.
    4. Wide application
    5. Made in a variety of models and colors
    6. Suited for the majority of users
    7. Compliant with American NIJ IIIA ballistic resistance standard and GA293-2001 standard.

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Unidirectional Fabric Fiber For Hard Ballistic Products Polyethylene Fiber UHMWPE Fiber
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